Wednesday, 17 April 2024

What Is The Next Step In Your Life?

You are not their friends

Parents aren't provided with instinctive knowledge about how to raise a child. The appearance of a child does not miraculously give a parent sudden insight. There are, I think, maternal and paternal instincts. But the love that swells from the birth of a child doesn't come with a manual. As both a parent and a pediatrician, I can tell you that ignorance and emotion lead to poor decision-making.

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Straight Talk about Child Abuse

I am sure that in my long career, I have neglected to touch on many issues during “well” visits. I always believed that if doctors overdo their advice, it all becomes overwhelming. The child and the parent walk away remembering nothing. But there are so many issues! Safety, diet, exercise, reading to your child, giving children their space, avoiding praising or criticizing a child's appearance excessively.

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