"The Silence from Greater Danbury Social Justice Activists Speaks Volumes"

As someone who has endured a fair share of racism in my years of reporting, I make it a point to highlight and speak out against acts of racial hatred in Greater Danbury.

By Al Robinson - Hatcityblog.com

 I can't say the same about activists and progressive community leaders in the area, who have yet to comment on a despicable act of racial violence involving a New Fairfield resident and one of the state's most well-known social justice activists.

On the opening day of the state General Assembly session in January 2021, while rallying outside the State Capitol in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, civil rights advocate, and founder of PowerUp Manchester, Keren Prescott, was spat in the face by New Fairfield resident Yuliya Gilshteyn, who was attending a dueling rally against mask mandates. 

Gilshteyn was arrested and initially charged with breach of peace but later received additional offenses, including a felony hate crime charge, after a review of the matter by state prosecutors. 

In criminal court, Gilshteyn was granted accelerated rehabilitation for her offenses but still faced a civil lawsuit for her actions. 

Most recently, Prescott was awarded a prejudgment remedy of nearly $300,000 against Gilshteyn in civil court for actions described by the judge as "based on racial bigotry or bias." 

In his ruling, while rejecting Gilshteyn's almost laughable defense for her actions, Judge Matthew Budzik states that the New Fairfield resident "maliciously and intentionally harassed and intimidated Ms. Prescott by intentionally spitting in Ms. Prescott’s face and that Ms. Gilshteyn’s actions in so doing were motivated, in whole or in substantial part, by Ms. Prescott’s race."

Although the state's print and television news media outlets covered Prescott's ordeal, including capturing video footage of the spitting incident, the civil rights activist's ordeal received no attention from so-called activists and progressive groups in Greater Danbury.

You would think that local politicians and self-proclaimed "social justice warriors," who almost broke their necks getting into the front line for the cameras at the numerous Black Lives Matter rallies held in Greater Danbury after the murder of George Floyd, would rally to Prescott's defense and denounce the actions of a member of the Greater Danbury community.

No words of commendation against Gilshteyn.

No words of support for Prescott.


My late father once said that the true measure of an activist or a politician is measured by how they conduct themselves when the news cameras go away and chase the next big story. If my father was alive today, I'm quite positive that he would say that the silence towards Prescott's ordeal by progressive activists and politicians in Greater Danbury speaks volumes.