The CT Paid Leave Program Business Registration Is Now Open

The CT Paid Leave program provides Connecticut’s workforce access to paid family and medical leave benefits, enabling them to attend to personal and family health needs without worrying about lost income.

By Tribuna Staff | Translated by Jamal Fox & Alisson Ziza

The CT Paid Leave program applies to all Connecticut businesses with one or more employees, and employers in the state must register with the CT Paid Leave Authority. Registration is now open; please visit to register your business. 
Businesses interested in providing a private plan in lieu of participation may pursue that option through the registration process. 
Sole proprietors and those who are self-employed are eligible to opt-in to the program through the registration process as well.  
To register, please visit the CT Paid Leave website’s registration page at

In order to register your business, please make sure you have established a state identity for your business. Once your business has a state identity, you will be able to sign in and begin the registration process. 
Please note the registration process may differ depending on your type of business, and whether a company administrator or a third-party administrator handles your payroll. The registration for each business type is laid out in detail on the CT Paid Leave registration page. There is also a helpful video tutorial to help guide you through the process.