Resolve to Get Involved

For millions of us across the country, setting – or at least discussing setting – New Year’s resolutions is an annual tradition around the holiday season.

By Nora Duncan

 The resolutions people make vary, but there are common themes: continue a good practice, accomplish personal goals, or make changes that will improve specific behaviors.

As you think about your New Year’s resolutions, we have one to consider that will enrich your life and make a difference in your community: become a volunteer with AARP Connecticut. Volunteers are essential and vital to organizations and communities all year. Whether behind the scenes or in the community, AARP Connecticut offers a variety of ways to get involved, in person or virtually. Volunteering with AARP is open to people of all ages, not just for members.

AARP Connecticut volunteers share their time, knowledge, and experiences to create a state that can be a great home for people of all ages to live. They are advocates on legislative issues that affect families, such as caregiving, financial security, independent living, health care, utilities and internet access, and prescription drug prices. 

They offer valuable resources and information that help people protect themselves from fraud and scams, take charge of their life so they can live their best life now and, in the future, in their job search or transition to a new career, and more.

AARP Connecticut is on the frontline to protect vulnerable populations and critical safety net programs residents depend on to maintain independence, choice, and control in ways that are beneficial and affordable for them and Connecticut. Volunteers are critical to increasing our depth and breadth in the community, particularly when it comes to bringing a local and multicultural focus to all our social impact work.

The holiday season is often a time for reflection, and to show appreciation, we encourage you to consider volunteering. AARP Connecticut provides an opportunity to benefit from quality training and workshops; enjoy stimulating challenges; meet new people and be creative; and know that you are truly making a difference on important issues.

From fraud prevention to advocacy, there are many ways you can strengthen your community and make a positive impact in Connecticut as a volunteer. Explore what we offer at and visit to discover the variety of volunteer opportunities at AARP. To learn more about how you can share your experiences through volunteering in Connecticut, contact Marlisa E. Smith at or 860-548-3171.

Have you thought about volunteering before but have concerns about a lack of experience or a time commitment? Specialized skills and talents are not a requirement, and I appreciate whatever time you can give. Volunteers are not required to put in a minimum number of hours, and we provide all our volunteers with quality training. AARP Connecticut is making a difference in our communities, but we can’t do it without people like you!

Nora Duncan is the state director for AARP Connecticut.