Residents in Brookfield Should Demand Better from Their Leadership

By Al Robinson -

Residents in the town of Brookfield should be concerned about the decision-making of their First Selectperson's recent string of social media commentary, including a reckless tweet involving President Biden. 

On February 3, 2023, The Republican National Committee Research tweeted a three-second clip of Vice President Kamala Harris stating, "so we have a lot to be thankful for in our president." 

Tara Carr tweeted in response, "he's aiding and abetting the enemy. Ready. Aim. Fire. One shot, one kill. That simple." 

In another tweet, in response to a tweet from Senator Murphy, who commented that Republicans placed Sandy Hook denier Marjorie Taylor Greene "on the committee that oversees school safety," the First Selectperson, whose town borders with Newtown, replied, “Chris, tell your staff to do better. Otherwise, control your social media. these statements can’t be your own.” 

You can't make this up, folks! 

The First Selectperson claimed in an interview that her reply to the vice-president was about her desire at the time for the Biden Administration to take prompt action in the taking down a Chinese balloon over the country's airspace. 

Carr later claimed in the interview that the matter is a political smear that originated from local Democrats and has no regrets over her word usage directed at the president. Carr has not commented on her tweet to Senator Murphy as of this writing. 

Talk about failing to grow from a learning moment. 

People expect their leaders in government to have some basic level of integrity, respect, self-awareness, empathy, and honesty. Carr's reckless and dangerous tweet, and her defiant response to the firestorm, demonstrate that she lacks many of the qualifications people require out of their leadership. 

The country's first Joint Chief Chairman U.S. Army Gen. Omar Bradley once said, "The greatness of a leader is measured by the achievements of the led. This is the ultimate test of his effectiveness." Throughout this entireatrociousordeal, it's clear to this writer that Carr's behavior shows that the first-term elected official doesn't measure up to Gen. Bradley's measurements. 

Residents in Brookfield should demand better from their leadership.