Monday, 11 December 2023


Governor Lamont Announces Fines for Businesses Violating COVID-19 Rules Will Increase To $10,000

Governor Ned Lamont announced that he has signed an executive order increasing the amount that businesses can be fined for violations of the state’s COVID-19 sector rules and capacity limits to $10,000 per violation. The governor stated he is taking this action – which went into effect on Thursday, November 26 – as the result of feedback he has received from municipal leaders, public health officials and people from within the business community. The most recently authorized amount was a $500 fine.

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Phases of the Covid-19 Vaccination in Connecticut, and How You Access Vaccine

The State of Connecticut understands it is important to each resident of the state to know when they'll be eligible for a vaccine, and what the instructions for getting one will be. The process may be a little different for everyone, but you can always visit the state’s website to find out which phase you may be in, find more details about future phases and see where the state is.

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