Danbury International Festival

Downtown Danbury will be morphed into what you already know is here, a multi-cultural FIESTA!!!

We are all aware of how diverse Downtown Danbury is and what a GEM of a city we live in!  Now it’s time for you to find out for yourself how diverse we truly are!  

On July 29 and 30, we will convert our CityCenter Green into what we might know as the United Nations but instead it’s UNITED DANBURY!  That’s right; come join us for the first of many Danbury International Festivals to celebrate unity, diversity, and culture through captivating music, traditional dances, breathtaking art displays, workshops, delectable cuisines, and much more!!! The festival offers a platform to celebrate our shared humanity while honoring and respecting our unique traditions, customs, and heritage.

This two-day festival is free of charge and open to all ages!

When: July 29-30, 2023, from 4 pm-10 pm 

Where: Danbury City Center Green at 1 National Place, Danbury, CT, 06810. Parking is conveniently available across the Green at the Patriot Garage (21 Delay Street). 

Organized by the MOSAIC Coalition, the Danbury International Festival (DIF) aims to be a beacon of unity and diversity, painting a vibrant tapestry of cultures across the beautiful canvas of Connecticut.

For more information, please visit mosaicoalition.org or citycenterdanbury.com.