Community-Minded Immigration Attorney Opens New Office in the Greater Danbury Area

For generations, the United States has seen periodic cycles of migration that have led more families and children to seek asylum, and other opportunities to pursue their American Dream.

By Angela Barbosa

For generations, the United States has seen periodic cycles of migration that have led more families and children to seek asylum, and other opportunities to pursue their American Dream.

Unsuccessful government attempts to achieve a bipartisan consensus to approve a comprehensive immigration reform and reduce the backlog at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has contributed to a crisis in the system for the undocumented immigrants that are already here, as well as for newcomers.

To find an immigration lawyer is not difficult, but you may find challenging to find the right lawyer for you.

Tribuna interviewed immigration Attorney Dealal Ahmed, who has recently opened a second office for Ahmed & Gonzalez Law, in New Milford, CT, with her business partner and husband, Attorney Cesar Gonzalez.

An American attorney with Honduran and Egyptian background, Ahmed speaks Spanish and Arabic fluently. Gonzalez’s parents are both from Puerto Rican, and he is fluent in Spanish.

Their combined experience with intricate legal matters has helped many immigrants obtain their residency goals. 


Tribuna: In which areas of immigration are you licensed to practice? 

Atty. Dealal Ahmed: All, including family-based, green card applications, waivers, temporary visas, asylum, removal/deportation defense, appeals, citizenship applications, USCIS interviews, removal of conditions on green cards, Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS), U-Visas, VAWA, widowers, representation before the Board of Immigration Appeals, and more.


Tribuna: Where are you licensed to practice immigration law?

Atty. Dealal Ahmed: We are admitted into the immigration courts, board of immigration appeals and federal District courts. Because immigration is federally based, we are allowed to practice all throughout the 50 states, including Puerto Rico and Guam. We have represented clients throughout the United States, from Massachusetts, California, Colorado, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, among others.


Tribuna: Do you offer a free consultation to establish if there is a case? 

Atty. Dealal Ahmed: We offer a special rate of $100 per consultation for readers of this newspaper [Tribuna]. Plus, if retained, we apply a credit of $100 towards legal fees.


Tribuna: What are the three most important things to consider when hiring an immigration attorney? 

Atty. Dealal Ahmed: Experience, knowledge, and reliability. Immigration law is one of the three most complicated areas of the law practiced in the United States – partly because there are a lot of different regulations that apply but also because the laws are ever-changing, especially with each presidential administration. Not only are the laws changing but different judges (even in the same courtroom) may rule differently on the same case. For this reason, it is important to choose an attorney who is not only knowledgeable but also experienced. Lastly, reliability is very important. We pride ourselves on establishing long-lasting relationships with our clients. Our clients become an extension of our family because they entrust us with their time, money, and lives.


Tribuna: What is important to know if one is considering becoming a legal resident of the United States? 

Atty. Dealal Ahmed: Eligibility. There are many requirements for becoming a legal resident. You must first find out whether you are eligible to become a legal resident. For instance, there are many circumstances that prevent people from becoming legal residents. Some circumstances may be remediated by waivers; however, some circumstances create a permanent bar for the applicant trying to adjust their status.


Tribuna: Can you give an idea of how much a process to become a legal resident of the U.S. would cost? 

Atty. Dealal Ahmed: It can be different and is determined on a case-by-case basis, but, on average, the process can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $7,500.


Tribuna: With your experience, what advice can you offer to increase one’s chances to have a legalization process approved? 

Atty. Dealal Ahmed: Avoid doing it alone. Consult with a reputable attorney, even if it’s just to go over the application. One tiny mistake may cost thousands in fees and time to resolve. Notarios are not licensed practitioners and are not responsible for mistakes they make on your case. They cannot attend interviews with you or represent you in court.


Tribuna: You have been working side by side with your husband, Atty. Cesar Gonzalez. Can you share about the husband-and-wife general practice?   

Atty. Dealal Ahmed: My husband Cesar has been a practicing attorney since 1989 and is admitted in the New York State Court and Federal Courts. He is in the process of being admitted to the Connecticut Bar, as he qualified to waive in based on his 32 years of practice. He will be primarily focused on Family/Matrimonial matters as they affect our immigration practice. He is a fluent Spanish speaker.

Ahmed & Gonzalez Law has offices in New Milford, CT and Bronx, NY. For more information, or to make an appointment, please contact their offices at 203-514-2121 or 347-281-8789 and 718-292-3154. They can be reached 24 hours a day and they offer virtual or in-person consultations by appointment only. A satellite office will be opened in Danbury, CT soon.