Center for Pediatric Medicine Breaks Barriers with Multilingual Customer Service

Understanding the challenges of parents that want the best pediatric care for their children but struggle with a language barrier can help make seamless communication possible, allowing their concerns or questions to be heard, understood, and addressed.

By Angela Barbosa

Understanding the challenges of parents that want the best pediatric care for their children but struggle with a language barrier can help make seamless communication possible, allowing their concerns or questions to be heard, understood, and addressed. 

In today’s multicultural world, bilingual medical practitioners can make a huge difference. And that is one of the reasons why the Center for Pediatric Medicine (CPM) keeps growing its team of dedicated multilingual physicians. 

Pediatric Physician Assistant (PA) BrigetteTatiana Vanegas, 25, was born in Bogota, ColombiaIn this exclusive interview, she shares her dream of joining the practice and provides us with a broader perspective of CPM’s mission. 


Tribuna – What is the role of a physician assistant in the field of general pediatrics? 

Vanegas - PAs are medical professionals who are fundamental members of the healthcare team. The role of a PA in the field of general pediatrics encompasses a wide range of duties and skills. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, examining, diagnosing, and treating disease in children of all ages, as well as providing preventive medicine to allow our patients to reach optimal growth and development. 


Tribuna - Why did you choose this career?  

Vanegas -I chose this career because I have always been passionate about helping those in need and working with children of all ages. I envisioned myself working as a Pediatric PA ever since I had the opportunity to shadow a PA at the Center for Pediatric Medicine when I was in high school. It fills my heart with immense joy to have accomplished this goal and to be able to now give back to my community. I look forward to this lifelong journey. 


Tribuna - For how long have you been working in the pediatric field and when did you join the Center for Pediatric Medicine (CPM)? 

Vanegas - I started working in the field of pediatrics in 2018 as a medical assistant/intern before starting PA school. I recently joined the Center for Pediatric Medicine, in October of 2021. 


Tribuna - In your opinion, what makes care at CPM stand out? 

Vanegas - In my opinion, what makes CPM stand out is the high-quality patient-centered care we provide to all our patients. I am a former patient of the Center for Pediatric Medicine and have personally experienced truly compassionate high-quality care here. My wonderful experience as a patient here motivated and inspired me to become a pediatric PA. I am honored to be part of this excellent team and to have the opportunity to have the same impact on my patients. CPM is also open 7 days a week to help accommodate our hard-working families. 


Tribuna - What do you believe is the importance of language and culture in pediatrics? 

Vanegas - The Center for Pediatric Medicine team is very diverse, and I am so proud to be a part of this multicultural team, consisting of Portuguese, Spanish, Hindi, Sindhi, Greek, Persian, and Creole speaking providers. It is fascinating to be able to offer cultural competency to our patients and their families. I am fluent in Spanish and am so excited to meet the cultural and linguistic needs of our Latino community at CPM, as it is currently in such high demand in the city of Danbury. 


Tribuna - Do you believe children should be vaccinated against Covid-19? And what are your recommendations for parents about having children from 5-11 years old vaccinated? 

Vanegas - I certainly believe that children should get vaccinated against Covid-19 because this vaccine has been proven to be both effective and safe. Over 6 million children have been reported to test positive for Covid-19, causing numerous negative impacts on both their physical and mental health. Now that the FDA has officially approved the use of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine on children ages 5-11, I highly recommend that parents have their children vaccinated to keep them healthy and to help keep their loved ones safe. I believe that it is a privilege to be in this country where there are high-quality healthcare services and where the Covid-19 vaccine is so easily accessible. Therefore, I truly believe that people should take advantage of this. 

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