Bob Stefanowski - Candidate for Governor – Endorsed by the Republican Party

Bob Stefanowski - Candidate for Governor – Endorsed by the Republican Party

By Emanuela Palmares

Bob Stefanowski is an American business executive and politician. Born and raised in North Haven, Connecticut, he is a former business executive for General Electric, 3i Group plc, UBS, and Dollar Financial Group. He lives in Madison with his wife, Amy, and his three daughters. Stefanowski was the Republican Party nominee for Governor of Connecticut in 2018, alongside lieutenant governor nominee Joe Markley. Their ticket lost to the Democratic Party ticket.

In his 2022 run, his running mate is Laura Devlin, who has served in the Connecticut House of Representatives from the 134th district since 2015. Laura has lived in Fairfield for over 20 years with her husband and two children.


Tribuna submitted the following questions to both candidates. Their responses have not been edited.


TRIBUNA: How should the State of Connecticut address new immigrants coming to Connecticut with regard to the services offered and information provided to them?


Stefanowski: Our state should welcome immigrants with open arms. I have been honored to speak with people who have just arrived in Connecticut and hear about the challenges they have faced and how they have not received the help they need to establish themselves in their new community. Through my discussions, I have learned that Danbury is a beautiful example of the services that should be provided to incoming families. Support for parents and children alike to acclimate and communicate are essential to building a good life in Connecticut and many other towns should model their services after Danbury. I would also look at what further support we can provide the immigrants who are already in the state.


TRIBUNA: Connecticut has recently seen a budget surplus due to federal pandemic funding and specific budgetary measures in place in the last several fiscal years. What is the best use of revenue above the projected budgeted estimates in a fiscal year?


Stefanowski: The surplus on hand is largely over-collected state taxes from residents and businesses and federal relief monies comprised of people’s federal tax dollars. This is YOUR money and my pledge as governor is to immediately return half of the $6 billion surplus to you.

My CT FIRST plan stands for “fight inflation and reduce state taxes,” which includes cuts to the state sales tax, gas/diesel taxes, prepared foods tax, as well as the 200 taxes which produce the most negligible revenue. Also, my plan features a property tax deduction on your state income tax filing and the cancellation of the Governor’s truck tax, which will begin in 2023.


TRIBUNA: Danbury has been historically underfunded in its Educational Cost Sharing from the State of Connecticut. What needs to happen at the state level to ensure proper funding?


Stefanowski: Parents should have options to choose the best education for their children, and no child should have their educational opportunity limited by their zip code or their town’s Education Cost Share. We support funding for public education and believe every child should have the opportunity for a top-rate education in our state. To remedy that, under my leadership, we will join the vast majority of other states in America who aim to provide parents and their children with options that include vouchers and education savings accounts to make educational choices that best suit their families.


TRIBUNA: There have been significant legal proceedings at the federal level concerning Roe vs. Wade, yet Connecticut has codified the right to an abortion in state law. What is your stance on changing Connecticut's position, and if so, how?


Stefanowski: I am pro-choice and will not change Connecticut laws governing abortion.  I am a proud father of three daughters, and I want to make sure that they, and every woman in Connecticut, have their rights protected.  Gov. Lamont has repeatedly lied about my position on this issue to cover up his own extremism, including support for abortion up to the day of birth and banning parents from being notified if their minor teenage daughter ever seeks an abortion.


TRIBUNA: A message for our readers?


Stefanowski: People love Connecticut and don’t want to leave, but many simply can’t afford to live here anymore. 


Connecticut’s current leadership refuses to take action.


Inflation is hitting Connecticut hard – the highest in almost 40 years – and the state rakes in millions on the backs of hard-working residents who deserve a break.


I refuse to accept that people have to put their dreams aside because the money they work for is not enough. As governor, I will protect every penny that comes in and out of state government.  Please vote for me on November 8 because it’s time for a change.