Wednesday, 28 February 2024


HONDA: Tapping Into The Power of Your Dreams

Buying one’s first car is probably a dream everyone shares. You dream of the model, trying to imagine it in your favorite color, with an interior that matches, and all the other perks that you can fit in your budget. When the primary transportation was still a bicycle, Soichiro Honda decided to serve people worldwide and provide them with the opportunity to realize their life's potential by creating quality vehicles at a reasonable price.

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Tick Talk

Ticks are related to spiders, scorpions, and lobsters. They are parasites that survive by sucking the blood of various animals. Ticks are extremely successful in general, and we wouldn’t care about them so much if they didn’t attach to humans and pass on diseases.

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Five Things to Know About Social Security

Social Security is your money — you earned it through a lifetime of hard work. And like most Americans, that money is needed to help cover living expenses and pay bills. Nearly one in five Connecticut residents – nearly 700,000 people – receive Social Security benefits, and 38 percent of residents 65 and older rely on the program for at least half of their income.

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