Wednesday, 24 April 2024

Kids & Family

Playdates: Can Kids Safely Meet Up?

rior to our community-wide March 2020 shutdown, parents and caregivers had busy calendars. Organized sports, school clubs, music lessons, library groups, daycare, before care, after care, summer camp, family holidays and birthday parties made up the bulk of our daily lives. Then, the pandemic forced families to shelter in place.

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Protecting Danbury's Children and Families: What Does Distance Learning Mean for Your Family?

Last week, Danbury Public Schools made the decision to move to the full-distance learning model (in home) instead of in-school learning due to the upward trend of positive COVID-19 cases. The decision was made over time in consultation with DPS Health/Nursing services, the City’s Health Director, Dr. Fong, the district medical doctor and Danbury Hospital doctors. We have heard from many families who don’t agree with this decision and understand the hardship this change represents for families.

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