Wednesday, 28 February 2024

Kids & Family

Playdates: Can Kids Safely Meet Up?

rior to our community-wide March 2020 shutdown, parents and caregivers had busy calendars. Organized sports, school clubs, music lessons, library groups, daycare, before care, after care, summer camp, family holidays and birthday parties made up the bulk of our daily lives. Then, the pandemic forced families to shelter in place.

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Dashboard for Public Reporting of COVID-19 School Cases Launched on Connecticut Open Data Portal

The Connecticut Department of Public Health, in collaboration with the Connecticut State Department of Education, launched a dashboard for the public reporting of confirmed COVID-19 cases among PK-12 students and staff in all public and private schools. The data tables are searchable by school and will be maintained on the Connecticut Open Data Portal ( Reported data will be updated weekly every Thursday and will reflect total student and staff cases. as well as new cases reported from the previous week.

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Parents Make a Difference

We are adjusting to our new normal during the coronavirus pandemic. Prevention and taking care of ourselves have never been more important. As parents, we often measure our value by being able to fix things for our kids. We can’t fix this situation. This can be incredibly frustrating and paralyzing. We can however, recognize and focus on what we can control.

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