HONDA: Tapping Into The Power of Your Dreams

Buying one’s first car is probably a dream everyone shares. You dream of the model, trying to imagine it in your favorite color, with an interior that matches, and all the other perks that you can fit in your budget. When the primary transportation was still a bicycle, Soichiro Honda decided to serve people worldwide and provide them with the opportunity to realize their life's potential by creating quality vehicles at a reasonable price.

By Angela Barbosa

Since its founding, Honda has continually strived to make products that delight as many people as possible, in keeping with its desire to be useful to people and society and to expand the possibilities for people's lives. From automobiles, motorcycles, power products, and marine outboard engines to aircraft, aero engine technology, and fuel cell technology development, people are at the center of the brand’s thinking.

“Our customers come back time after time to purchase their cars from us,” said Roy R. Morel, general sales manager at Lia Honda Brewster.  

With one third of its staff speaking Spanish and Portuguese, Lia Honda Brewster occupies a state-of-the-art sales building and a service and parts building across the street to assist its customers with all their needs.

“We have a staff that is experienced, knowledgeable, and helpful,” said Morel, adding, “Coming to the dealership, meeting, and talking to us is a great way to purchase the car you are looking for.” 

For customers with an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN), the dream of purchasing a vehicle is a reality at Lia Honda Brewster.

“We genuinely care about our customers. I understand how stressful the car buying experience can be,” said Lia Honda’s finance manager, Natalia Rodriguez. “My parents are ITIN customers as well. We have extensive experience and knowledge to ensure approval; everyone is welcome.” 

According to Morel, whether buying a used or brand-new vehicle, ITIN holders need to bring proof of income, such as a computerized paystub, three months of current bank statements, and a letter from the employer on the company’s letterhead.

“A government ID or passport, and no credit score needed,” added Rodriguez. 

“Customers can start the process online by finding a car and filling out an application online,” explained Morel.

Before visiting a dealership, Morel and Rodriguez suggested people consider the level of service provided and staff professionalism and confidence in the product. 

“We provide outstanding service and vehicle availability,” said Rodriguez. “Come in as a customer but leave a part of our family.” 

That is exactly what Mr. Honda envisioned. "Seeing that person happy is what gives me happiness," Soichiro Honda. And LIA Honda Brewster has inherited that philosophy.


Visit Lia Honda Brewster dealership at 899 NY-22, Brewster, NY. For more information, or to make an appointment, call  (845) 363-6397 or visit