Food for Fines

Bring back your items and pay off your library late fines by helping others this holiday season!

By Danbury Public Library

November 1 - December 18, 2023 

The Danbury Library’s Food for Fines initiative will take place from November 1 through December 18 and will allow library users to clear their late fines while making a meaningful impact in the fight against hunger in our community. 

How does it work? 

For each non-perishable food item donated, patrons will receive a one-dollar reduction on their library late fines. There is no maximum donation. m for late returns, not lost or damaged materials. 

All donated food items will be collected at the Main Floor information desk and passed along to The Community Action Agency for distribution to community members in need. Suggestions for non-perishable food items include canned soup and vegetables, dry pasta, jelly, peanut butter, and mac ‘n cheese. 

We understand that life’s challenges can sometimes lead to fines, making it difficult for library patrons to fully utilize the services we offer. With the Food for Fines program, we hope to remove those barriers and encourage supporting the Danbury community. We invite the public to participate in this initiative, whether you have library fines to clear or simply wish to contribute to our local food drive. Thanksgiving items are encouraged by November 15. 

As an essential city asset, the Danbury Library is committed to being a welcoming destination, responsive to the needs of our city’s diverse community, and a source of inspiration through words and ideas.

Danbury Public Library